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Hi Chris,
Just letting you know I received the assembly and its on the BCD and its perfect for me now.
I'll be giving it a run on Sunday on a double dive on the ex HMAS Canberra.I am really looking forward to it!
I would also like to thank you for your superlative customer service Chris.I really appreciate your excellent communication and efforts and the opportunity to have try dived the wing first.Without that opportunity I would have gone with a bigger wing because I genuinely thought 30lb lift wouldnt be enough for me here in Melbourne.I was most pleasantly surprised and am very happy with my purchase.
Thanks again.


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Just wanting to give a massive thumbs up and thanks to Chris Holman who runs DiveTub (

Not only did he put up with me harassing him over getting my new Zeagle backplate and harness setup before I leave for Bali (it arrived today ) but his level of service was outstanding, never once pointing out how stupid my questions were. ie. which way do the bolts go on for the bladder? (they are very obviously recessed on one side! ) . He also got me the inflator service kit I required.

So thanks heaps Chris, I'll be back as soon as K. Rudd cashes me up for a new bladder and the rest of my twins setup!

Highly reccomend the Zeagle BP&W by the way, haven't been anywhere near the water yet, but I already feel more hardcore, it's either the shiny stainless steel plate, or the crotch strap, not sure which just yet...


Just wanted to put a public thanks to these 2 dive suppliers for their continued amazing service!

placed an order with both DiveTub (WA) and ScubaDoc (Vic) and 24hrs later the items were in my hands in Sydney, and i suspect they mailed the items before my eft'd funds hit their bank statments so im guessing as a return buyer they trusted me

thanks guys for the consistant service you provide!

Guys, thought i would update this thread today. Seeing as we are now the proud owners of some freakin awesome hardware!!!

After much deliberation, and pondering the risks of buying from the US (despite the very attractive online pricing), we went with a bunch of Zeagle gear from Divetub!!

For anyone that finds themselves in a position similar to ours, i whole heartedly recommend speaking with Chris first. We were backwards and forwards with emails until we felt comfident that what we were buying would suit US and that the pricing was to our liking. We have come out of the purchase with a true satisfaction.

We now have:

2 x Zeagle Envoy Deluxe first and second stages
2 x Zeagle N2ition computers
1 x Zeagle Stilletto BC
1 x Zeagle Lazer BC
2 x

So now we just have to buy some weights on saturday morning before picking up some hire tanks and we are right to go.

Oh and we are going to pick up a bit of safety gear too, like a whistle and a sausage.

So there it is.. we will see you all at Bare island this Saturday!!!

Thanks Chriso and thanks to all that offered advice in this thread!

Hey Chris!! Just wanted to tell you after 3 dives, we are loving the gear.

We did one dive at Bare Island on Saturday and two dives with Abyss today and managed to sort out our weight and what not.

Saturday was a comedy of errors, but meant we got wet so all was not lost (despite only having one fin - stupid clips :S). We realised at that point that we'd been crazily overweighted in everyone of our Sydney dives.

The gear is comfortable, well designed and looks the part too.

Thanks again mate!

Just like to thank Chris and Bob for there help on getting me a BIG BCD for me and all my other gear. really appreciate it. If ever you are after anything give these guys a call as they are only to will to help.

Once again guys Cheers

the box the regulator came in that is....

while at OzTek i got a great price for a new reg from Chris at the DiveTub/Scuba Imports stand and i finally picked it up at the post office today (its been there for a few days)

as always... many thanks for your excellent pricing and fast service!